Aww, Starfield players are making the dinkiest little ships

An image of the Ladybug, a ship built by user 003b6f on Reddit in Starfield.
(Image credit: Bethesda / u/003b6f on Reddit.)

Starfield's community keeps getting smarter with their ship builds—we've had AI-exploiting nightmares made of corners, ladderless flat discs, and some sci-fi classics. But what about the little guys of the universe—pilots who don't want some big, fancy warship with 500 autocannons?

That's exactly who these players are repping. The tiny ship trend's here to stay—well, sort of. Cute as these spacefaring bugs may be, most don't have much room for cargo without mods. Still, I'm tempted to cobble one of these together for my fleet. The first comes from user MotoGSX of the Starfieldships subreddit, who crafted a ship called PeeWee.

A tiny ship named PeeWee from r/StarfieldShips

Here's another ship from WeeWoo6174, who felt like Hope Tech's parts were being under-represented. I'm inclined to agree—this ship kinda looks like one of those unmanned submarine drones in a really cool way. 

Anyone else think Hope Tech has the best looking parts? from r/Starfield

Players have since tried to one-up each other with their spacefaring hobbit holes in a race to see who can be the littlest space bandit. Here's some impressive designs from users Vault-Brock, Encolony and legaloffender—the very latter of which actually kinda manages to circumvent the cargo problem by being 90% box, like those minimalist fold-out apartments.

My tiny ship the Golden Bullet from r/StarfieldShips
Tried my best to make the smallest ship I could. Anyone able to beat this? from r/Starfield
My new ship (front) from r/Starfield

Others are angling for pure aesthetic over engineered small-scale functionality, such as 003b6f's adorable little ship and Watermelonegg's barbie jeep, which I think is more than big Kenough.

My Contribution to the Small Ships: The Ladybug from r/Starfield
My tiny ship - the Barbie Jeep !! from r/Starfield

As someone who hasn't been super taken by the prospect of manning a looming Star Destroyer myself, the idea of cobbling together a dinky space nugget is admittedly tempting. Still, Starfield eventually saddles you with a crowd of NPC followers, so things might get a touch too cosy for my blood, especially if they all pile onto the ship like it's a crown car. If you want to take things solo, though, these pint-sized aces are perfect.


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